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Pomegranate Orchard


Program Overview 

Children at this age are developing personal, social, and emotional development, communication, knowledge, and understanding of the world, creative development, physical development, and mathematical awareness. 


Our Preschool Program was designed to meet the developmental and social needs of three-year-olds. Language, Math, Science, biblical songs, and stories, and Character Education concepts are presented in fun and exciting ways that encourage self-discovery and confidence. The use of songs, games, and art projects ensures that children are learning in a fun and dynamic environment.

Theme Based Education 

Projects and activities are focused on increasing and strengthening your child’s ability to understand literacy and language skills, math and science, reasoning and thought skills. Your child will work in small and large groups, as well as have the opportunity to work independently. All classroom centers are directed by the teachers while allowing children to make choices.

Class Details 

Age Group:

3 year olds 

Class Size:

 7 children 


1 teacher: 10 children 

Parent Communication 

Pictures and videos are taken by our caregivers are sent via the Brightwheel app for you to enjoy while at work. These photos are also used in the classroom to create an environment that is familiar to the children.

Preschool Transition Program 

This program is perfect for children who turn 3 but are still working on their potty training! These children can still work on their potty training while having an opportunity to be challenged with older activities, more socialization with children their own age, and an introduction to a more age-appropriate preschool curriculum.

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