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In the Playground


Program Overview 

At this age, children begin to gain more independence but still, have a strong need for one-on-one affection and attention. A more structured schedule is introduced in the toddler room. This helps children feel more secure by providing them with a sense of time and expectation of things to come. Our toddler room is equipped with age-appropriate toys so each child is fully engaged, safe, and enjoying each day.

Parent Communication

Pictures and videos are taken by our caregivers and are sent via the Brightwheel app for you to enjoy while at work. These photos are used to create an environment that is familiar to the children.

Room Details 

Age Group:

12 months- 24 months

Class Size:

5 children

Teacher Ratio:

1 teacher: 4 children 

Introducing Routine 

Our toddler teachers encourage the children to explore their environment and have experiences that will build upon each other and prepare your child for the next stages of development. Toddlers thrive on routine, and our daily schedule is planned with that in mind. Our daily schedule provides times for outdoor exploration, music and movement, creative experiences, and sensory activities, in addition to diapering, mealtimes and a nap. We incorporate Christian values into our lesson plans by songs, stories and prayers. 

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